Software Audit Defence

Service Overview

Software vendor audits can be a very stressful experience, no matter how prepared you think you are. Let Cortex Consuting take the stress and anxiety out of the process for you - we are tier 1 and datacentre vendor specialists and have successfully defended numerous audits against vendors including Microsoft, Oracle and IBM.

The service consists of three key elements - baseline review, audit defence and negotiation.

In the baseline review phase, we will work collaboratively with your internal teams to determine an accurate view of the licence position for the vendor and products.  We have years of experience of piecing together often disparate pieces of information to get the right answer; something that audit teams are often lacking.  In addition we will support you through the initial stages of the audit process by ensuring you submit only the data you need to submit to the audit team, and that you are not overwhelmed by the requirements of the process.

The audit defence phase is when the really hard work begins.  During this part of the process, we will call upon our in-depth knowledge and experience of correctly interpreting software vendor licence contracts, to defend the position we have constructed and review the audit team's.  It is during this phase that we usually have the most success as we are able to prove repeatedly that auditors simply have not understood your software environment or the vendor terms correctly.

Finally, we will support you with any commercial negotiation with the vendor, ensuring that you get the right result for you in a way that enables you to continue to do business with the vendor, should you choose to, for many years to come.

How Can I Find Out More?

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