Cloud Transition

Service Overview

Over the years, our consultants have supported our UK clients, across a range of industries, to realise hundreds of millions of pounds in cost savings and avoidance. We have extensive experience of the licensing  and  commercial  aspects  of  deploying  software  to  a  cloud  platform  and  can  support  you  to ensure that you do not take waste and inefficiency on your cloud journey.

The service consists of three key elements - review, evaluate and transition.

The baseline review will consist of a number of phases, throughout which  Cortex Consulting will work collaboratively with your teams.  Typically we would engage with senior management in IT service  delivery, IT service management, information security, procurement and  commercial departments, to ensure we could build as full a picture as  possible of both your software licence entitlement and contracts for the  designated vendor, plus their current deployments.

We will provide a detailed view of how to optimise your software deployments on your chosen cloud platform, to ensure you make the transition in a cost-optimal manner. We are experts on licensing software on cloud platforms and have deep knowledge of all the major vendors' policies on deploying your licences to their own and 3rd party cloud platforms. We will support you through the duration of the transition so you can be comfortable that we are available to help you if plans change too.

How Can I Find Out More?

To find out more about how we can help you transition your software  to the cloud in a compliant and cost-efficient manner, please click on the button below to book a no obligation  appointment to discuss your requirements. 

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