Software Licence Optimisation

Service Overview

Our most popular service.  Enterprise software users often need help with management of their software and we can help you to get it right by ensuring you only spend what you absolutely have to on software.  Cortex Consulting is a datacentre and cloud specialist, which is where the majority of cost and risk is found in the software estate, and we really add value to your business’ IT and

procurement teams by helping you to get it right.

The service consists of three key elements - baseline review, optimisation and reporting.

The baseline review will consist of a number of phases, throughout which Cortex Consulting will work collaboratively with your teams.  Typically, we would engage with senior management in IT service delivery, IT service management, information security, procurement and commercial departments, to ensure we could build as full a picture as possible of both your software licence entitlement and contracts for the designated vendor, plus their current deployments.

We will provide a detailed view of estate optimisation opportunities, in addition to any risk mitigations identified as part of the baseline review activities.  The optimisations will be opportunities for change that will enable you to avoid new licence purchases and improve the value you get from existing licence investments.  These optimisation opportunities can range from savings through more efficient use of existing licences, without any change to deployments, through to changes to current architectures, and potential savings on future support costs for the existing licence base.  You can decide when you wish to take forward any of the identified opportunities.

How Can I Find Out More?

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