New Requirements Review

Service Overview

We have supported our clients, across a range of industries, with licence optimisation of new designs for a number of years, generating millions of pounds worth of savings. We have extensive experience of optimising the licensing for designs for all major vendors across all technology platforms, including on-premise datacentre, private and public cloud.

The service consists of three key elements - design review, licence optimisation and advisory statement.

In the design review phase, our consultants will review your technical solutions and designs at all levels and work with your architects to ensure a thorough understanding of the software and platforms in use.  The next step is to optimise the licence requirements by working with the architect and supporting them with a full understanding of the terms that govern the software and how it can be deployed.

The final step in this service is to provide you with an advisory licence statement detailing the optimal licences for that design both in usage and how to procure what you need, if at all. This will be issued 

as a project artefact, so that it can be integrated into your organisation's PMO process. 

How Can I Find Out More?

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