Software Licence Training

Training Overview

Over the years, our consultants have trained delegates from our UK clients, across a range of industries, in software asset management and software vendor licensing concepts. We have extensive experience of teaching the core licensing policies, metrics and concepts for most major vendors on all major technical platforms from Windows x86 all the way up to IBM mainframe.

Depending on vendor, you can choose from the following selection of modules to build your own custom training course:

1. Contracts overview

2. Overview of data centre technologies

3. Common products and their licence metrics

4. Impact of different technology platforms – mainframe, UNIX, x86, virtualisation

5. Impact of data centre environments – high availability, disaster recovery, non-production 

6. Software support and its benefits

All training courses are priced per delegate, and include detailed handouts for the delegates and a

copy of the slide training deck.

How Can I Find Out More?

To find out more about how we can your software licensing training needs, please click on the  button below to book a no obligation appointment to discuss your  requirements.  

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